Penny Pinching – Frugal Cooking

I have more receipes on frugal cooking than I care to mention.  I have been saving them in a 3 – ring binder and trying different ones and trying to get them all sorted out.  We were able to really cut down on the grocery bill each week when we followed the instructions we found.

Get our your coupons you have been saving from clipping the Sunday newspaper and the ones you have printed off.  If you have not registered for Clip N Go Coupons and I would go ahead and do that so you can get the special offer coupons.

After you have everything in place:  The coupons, sale paper, something to write with and something to write on.  It is time to make your grocery list for the upcoming week.  The key to saving money at the grocery store is to plan the meals for the entire next week.

Many sites recommend you have at least two nights a week where you do not have a meat.  We will usually do some kind of pasta (I will be posting some of our favorites as time goes on) for a couple nights.  Not having to buy some type of meat or chicken for every meal of the night will really add up in the grocery store.

You may not believe it, but just try it for next week’s meal.  I am a meat eater so this naturally took a little getting used to for me, but once you see how much you save and get used to having some different things it will really pay off.