Penny Pinching Disney Trip

We just got back from our most recent trip to Disney!  It is by far one of my favorite places to visit on vacation, but it can get quite expensive if you do not pinch your pennies.  We really focused on having a great vacation while being frugal this past trip and I feel like we were very successful.

If you do your research and carefully plan your trip you can have a wonderful trip to Disney in Orlando, FL for a very affordable price.

1. Research – This is probably the most important part of the trip.  The first step is to determine when you will be going.  My schedule is flexible so it allowed us to shop online when Disney was running specials.  We found that they were running a special and offering free dining in the month of August so we jumped on that.

2. Lodging – We always choose the economy lodging on property.  (one of the All Star Resorts).  They are very clean and comfortable rooms at a very affordable price.  A word of advice:  If you book at one of the All Star Resorts, be sure and tell them you want a preferred room.  This will cost you an additional $10 per night, but it will save you lots of walking time to/from the bus.  This last trip we had a nice surprise and got upgraded to the Luxury Old Key West resort for free!

3. Pack A Cooler – It isn’t advertised, but you can take a small cooler into the parks.  We packed a cooler each morning with water, drinks, etc.  This will save you a substancial amount of money as the drinks in the parks run around $3.00 each.  (You can save your daily snack on the meal plan for food and use a drink you pack!)

4. Glow Sticks – Each night as the sun goes down the carts are wheeled out containing glow sticks (bracelets, necklaces, etc.).  They range in price from 16.00 and up.  If you have children, they will be wanting one every night!  We found the same thing at Walmart for $1.00 per pack.  We bought up several of each kind, packed in our backpack we took in the park every day and at night, we just tore open a pack, broke the sticks and were in business.

We did serveral other things that I will be posting later that helped us save money on our Disney trip.  I will get post the full details in the next couple of days.