Living Frugal – Paying Off Debt

As I continue my journey to learn how to live more frugal and get myself out of debt, I continue to find myself searching the Internet for some kind of help.. some hidden gem, but I am usually disappointed.  I am sure we all share the same thoughts when we read most of the things written on the Internet today… “That was just common sense.”

My latest searching and trying to find some help lead me to an ebook website where they have several types of books for various types of things.  I ended up at the Living On A Dime website.(I know this was probably not a “frugal living” thing to do), but I read through the site and found a couple of books that I wanted to get.  They seemed reasonably priced to me, so I purchased a couple of them to try and further my education on the whole frugal living aspect.  I am not sure if I have mentioned it or not, but I am a computer nerd so typically eBooks (Electronic books delivered via download) appeal to me.

I may go back and order some of the others ( Depending on how my success goes with the two I bought).  I ended up getting Grocery Shopping On A Budget ($19.95) and a five book series Dig Out of Debt: Over 1000 of the best Ideas From Living On A Dime.($19.95).

Honestly, I have not put the practices into action fully yet so I can’t say if they work 100%.  I do like how the books are written and from what I have glanced over, they seem to contain quite a bit of information that I personally will find useful.

I will definetly share what I have learned as I dig deeper into these books while I contineu my journey of frugal living.