Freezing Corn On The Cob

Corn on cob
Corn on cob

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Tips For Freezing Corn From the Garden

All of the girls in my house absolutely love corn on the cob from the garden.  When it is the time of the year when it is being harvested fresh from the garden we always have several ears in the fridge ready for the grill.

The problem (much like I had with the Banana Peppers) is much of it will go to waste because we can’t eat all that the garden produces.  Once again, we are stuck with buying it from the store and when it is out of season, it just doesn’t taste as good as corn fresh from the garden.

I discovered this tip from an older person who explained to me exactly how to prepare the corn, freeze it and cook it up on the grill when thawed and it tastes exactly like it came from the garden.

Preparing The Corn

  1. Begin by taking the ear of corn and peeling off some of the husk and the tinsel at the top, but do not peel it all off.  You want to leave at least 2-3 layers of shuck.
  2. Once you have completed step 1, you will wrap the corn (that still has partial shuck on it) in the clear plastic wrap nice and tight.
  3. The final thing is wrapping it in the aluminum foil. (So you will have the partial shucked ear of corn, wrapped in clear wrapping paper, wrapped in aluminum foil)
  4. Put them away in the freezer where they will be good for a very long time. I am not sure exactly how long they will keep, but I know it will at least last until corn is back in season.


Cooking The Corn That Has Been Frozen

(This is just my method.  I am sure there are many other ways to get the same result)

  1. Transfer the corn to the fridge the night before or set out at room temperature the day of you want to cook it.
  2. Once thawed, unfold the aluminum foil (don’t tear it off because you are going to use it later) from the corn.  Then removed the clear wrap and dispose of it.  (we usually put this in the recycled pile)
  3. Peel one side of the shuck down where you can add butter, salt, pepper (Do not remove the shuck though)
  4. Wrap it all back up using the aluminum foil you peeled off in step 2.
  5. Put the ear of corn wrapped up on the grill.  On medium heat it takes around 15 minutes for it to cook.  I usually cook it directly on the grill, rotating it for about 10 minutes and then transfer it to the warming rack for the remainder of the time.  This gives the corn the grill marks, but does not dry it out.
  6. Remove from grill, remove and recycle the aluminum foil, peel the rest of shuck and brush the remain tinsel off (there shouldn’t be much left) and eat up.

It will taste just like you plucked it from the garden.