Freezing Banana Peppers

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Tips for freezing banana peppers

I really love Banana peppers.  We use them in lots of dishes to give it a little extra flavor and my parents grow a ton of them each year.  We eat them up while they are in season, but lots of them were getting thrown away because they produce at such a rapid rate.

We have learned how we can freeze the peppers and once they are thawed, they taste just like they came fresh from the garden.

Preparing / Freezing them

  1. Wash the peppers good
  2. Cut the top part off (where the stem is)
  3. slice it down one side where you can remove all the seeds inside
  4. Remove the seeds from the inside
  5. put them in gallon freezer bags (Make sure they are the freezer type bags)
  6. Stick them in freezer and they will keep for a very long time

When you get ready to eat them, just pick out however many you will want to prepare and let them thaw at room tempeture.  Once thawed, they will taste just like they came fresh from the garden.