Child Safety Seats

I know that this is a bit off the path for a frugal living blog, but I wanted to share a device that we have discovered that puts our mind at ease with our child riding in a booster seat.  Is this frugal living?  Probably not, but I refuse to try to pinch a penny if it impacts my children’s safety in any way.

Anyway, I submitted this article on the internet because we are really happy with what we found and I wanted to share our experience with everyone…

Seat Snug

I am a father of two little girls. My youngest is still in her 5 point harness child seat and I feel like it is very secure. It has all the straps and buckles to help me feel better about her safety while I am driving. The seat does not move and feel really secure. This was the same seat that my oldest daughter ( 5 years old at the time of this article) was in until recently.

While the seat does have the ability to convert into a booster, it still looks like a car seat and she just was not having that. She complained to me for weeks that all of her friends were in “big girl” seats and she was still in a baby seat. I finally gave in and traded the very secure 5-point harness car seat that we gave $275.00 for new and went to my local target store and bought a booster seat for $29.99.

My wife was immediately nervous. It is not secured in the seat at all except for the belt strap that comes across her lap. As we drive down the road, she was tipping from left to right and I admit that I was even a little worried about it. So… we began doing what everyone does, we hit the internet! We were searching for some sort of booster where our little girl ( 5 going on 16) could feel like a big girl and we felt the child safety device was secure.

Our search turned out really well, which is why I am writing this article. We discovered The Seat Snug online for $59.99. It has been featured on ABC and FOX news in recent months and promised to secure our child in the back seat. I am sure that all parents will agree that $60 is absolutely nothing to pay for your child’s safety. We were very excited to get it in.. in fact, I paid the extra shipping to get it here express.

Once received, I read the instructions ( I really did) and I installed the device where she sat. The Seat is really easy to install. Once we had it installed it was ready for a “test drive”. I put my oldest daughter in it and I started out in our neighborhood. I would yank the steering wheel from left to right while my wife was in the passenger seat taking note. I am sure if any neighbors were onlooking they would have thought I was drunk by my absurd testing

The The Seat Snug lived up to everything that was promised. The seat barely moved and made us feel much safer. My daughter got what she wanted Her big girl seat and we got the safety factor we were looking for. In fact, we have since purchased a second Seat Snug so we will have it when our youngest daughter graduates from her 5 point harness seat.

I would encourage any parent that has a child in a car seat, booster seat or you are just concerned about their safety to check into this device. It is designed not only to work with booster seats, but also car seats as well as just a small child in a seat belt.

The The Seat Snug gets a 5 star rating from me and my family and I feel like it would for you as well. I hope this article has been helpful to anyone that has the same concerns we had.