About Me

Hey and welcome to Penny Pinching Dad.  I just wanted to introduce and tell you a little bit about myself.  I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 10 years and have two wonderful girls ages 5 and 2.  This blog is about my journey to penny pinching, frugal, thrifty, cheap, money saving… whatever you want to call it.  Basically, I need to learn how to save money.

Saving Money… That is a term that has not been in my vocabulary for most of my life.  I was pretty much spoiled since birth and have not done without very many things in my life.  I was one of those kids that grew up, got married and expected to have everything my parents did right away and that has gotten me into a lot of trouble in my later years.

I was fortunate enough to get a good paying job around the time our first child was born and my wife decided to stay at home with her until she was old enough to go to school.  Once she started school, she was going to go back in the work force and life was going to be good again.  Then we got our “little surprise”, our second daughter.  This “extended” our plan, but once again I was blessed that I got a raise at work around that time and I was still able to support my family on a single income.

The problem, going back to my earlier statement, is I have been spoiled from birth.  Along with the frequent raises, I increased my standard of living.  We have gotten to the point now where I make more than enough money to pay the bills, but we can never seem to “get ahead” in life primarily because of my spending.  Thus, my journey begins:

My goal is to become “A penny pinching dad“.  I have read several books, done more research on the web than I care to mention and have started working toward sticking to a budget.  I hope the things I have learned (and failed at) will help anyone that is following my blog.  My goal is to help you avoid the same pitfalls that I have and am experiencing as I continue my journey to save money and provide for my family.